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There’s nothing better as a sweet treat than ice cream and gelato. Cooling and refreshing, perfect for people of all ages to enjoy, it tastes amazing – and it’s good for you! Here at The Gelato Cone, we are very proud to be master crafters of the very best gelato in Allen TX. Our family owned and operated company has been operating since 1956, and we are delighted to be experts in the modern ways of the ancient art of creating flavorsome ice cream in Allen TX.

Gelato is not a new invention. Twelve thousand years ago, Mesopotamian slave runners ran hundreds of miles to collect ice and snow for religious ceremonies and royal banquets. The Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed treats of snow alongside juiced fruits; snow and ice was brought in from mountaintops and preserved below ground. There is even a reference to a precursor for gelato in the Bible, where Isaac offered Abraham a cooling refreshment of snow mixed with goat’s milk. King Solomon was referred to as consuming fresh fruit snow, whereby snow was mixed with fruits and compressed during winter then stored for eating in the summer.

The Chinese during the Middle Ages demonstrated to visiting Arab traders how to combine snow with various syrups to create tasty treats, and the Arab traders brought this knowledge, as well as their own development of sugar syrups and floral syrups, back to share with the Venetians as well as southerners in what is now Italy.

The first sorbet was invented in Sicily, crafted from snow mixed with sugar and citrus juices. Soon after, gelato was born in Sicily and Florence. According to legend, it was at the Court of Catherine de Medici that alchemist Cosimo Ruggieri created the first gelato flavor. In 1686, Sicilian fisherman Francesco Procopio de Coltelli made gelato publically available and the delicacy spread throughout Europe. In the 1800s, Neapolitan doctor Filippo Baldini stated that sorbet and gelato were healthy to consume.

The art of making gelato has long been an Italian tradition handed down through the generations within families – the first gelato cart was developed in Varese in the 1920s-1930s – and during the mid- 1900s, these families emigrated, bringing the delights of gelato to the whole world.

At The Gelato Cone, or ice cream in Allen TX has been created using the same secret family recipe for over sixty years. We also offer a great array of flavors, including options for egg-free, milk-free, gluten-free and nut-free gelatos. You can even enjoy your gelato in a waffle cone!

For the very best gelato in Allen TX, come and visit The Gelato Cone – we know you’ll be hooked from the first taste!