Best Gelato and Ice Cream in Carrolton TX


The best Ice cream in the whole of Dallas now comes to Carrollton TX and within this short period of time is already branded as the best ice cream in Carrollton TX. A genuine grass roots family company which was established way back in 1956 has given stiff competition to multi national corporations that has brought delicious mouth watering treats within the reach of the common people. Ice cream is what we associate with care free summer days, happy summer vacations and a day well spent in the playground battling the sun and the dirt. Its one of those inseparable signs of childhood that we just can’t seem to forget. But Carrollton TX ice cream companies have turned this into a venture driven by profit.

Profit Driven Ice Cream Companies

Modern day ice cream is mostly air and ice with little to no natural substance or ingredients used. Whatever ingredients are used are mostly artificial compounds and chemicals and flavours created to mimic natural ingredients at a fraction of their original costs. All of this to drive the profit margins up and create a world where no one knows the true taste of an ice cream. When you search for the best ice cream shop near me you expect a shop which offers natural ice cream but what you get is an artificial product laden with artificial compounds and sweeteners.


Gelato originated in Italy as a better version of ice cream with much better taste, texture, richness and density. The Gelato contains significantly less amount of air and more amount of ingredients which make the ice cream denser and a much better texture and taste. The use of natural ingredients of the highest quality ensures that what you are tasting is not man made but produced by nature and 100% authentic. Our ice creams contain significantly less amount of fats and sugars which are harmful for the human body and harmful for your family. Gelato is the healthy alternative you have wanted that satisfies the ice cream craving of your young ones and keeps you content that what your child is eating is not going to affect his or her health in the long run.

The Gelato Cone

Established in 1956 as a family owned business in Italy, the company soon relocated to Dallas TX and started its operations. In the past 60 years, the company has become a part of local community because of its authentic products made of real and natural ingredients.

As a place of the community and for the community, we are always ready to host our customers with a wide smile on our face. We believe in togetherness and service beyond self, and give our best efforts towards providing the highest degree of satisfaction to every customer.

We undoubtedly provide the best Gelato in Carrollton TX and over the years have maintained our reputation as the best Gelato near Carrollton TX. The company is still family owned and operated and uses the same recipe passed down the years to give you the most authentic of tastes that is sure to make your childhood memory come back to you and create happy memories for your kids.