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The Gelato Cone

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Located in Allen Texas, and soon to open in other nearby locations, The Gelato Cone creates the freshest, most delicious ice cream in Dallas in a vast array of flavors. Eating our gelato ice cream is an experience and memories are created with such a taste sensation…it is simply sensory stimulation at its finest!

We are experts in gelato, and our family-run business was born more than sixty years ago in Europe. There is no finer, tastier, better gelato in Dallas than that which you’ll find at The Gelato Cone.

What is the Difference between Ice Cream and Gelato?

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, gelato and ice cream are not exactly the same thing. Gelato has distinct differences from ice cream, and whenever you feel like a treat of ice cream in Dallas, try the difference gelato can offer.

Gelato is served slightly warmer than traditional American ice cream – allowing the taste sensation to be more intense, as your mouth isn’t quite as numb as it becomes when eating ice cream. It is creamier, silkier, and smoother than ice cream, and also denser, with less air whipped into it.

Gelato and ice cream both contain milk, cream, and sugar. Authentic gelato like ours doesn’t use egg yolk (common in ice cream) and our ratio of milk to cream is higher. Gelato also contains less butterfat than ice cream, which is not only better for you, but also allows the flavors of the gelato to emerge more intensely.

At The Gelato Cone, our gelato in Dallas is made fresh daily without artificial colors or sweeteners, and we use only the freshest, best quality ingredients, including whole milk, heavy cream, and the freshest local or organic frozen fruits.

So if you’re looking for the best ice cream in Dallas, try our delicious delights at The Gelato Cone. We guarantee you’ll be a gelato convert at your first taste!