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Ice Cream in McKinney

We are conveniently situated in a range of locations near Dallas, and we are delighted to be the creators of the tastiest, freshest gelato ice cream in McKinney. Offering a vast array of flavors from the classic to the unexpected, we guarantee that when you enjoy our gelato ice cream you will have a brand new culinary experience and will be very keen to come back for more!

Memories are made in life’s small moments, and eating our ice cream is such a taste sensation that you will remember these moments with affection.

The Gelato Cone is a family-owned and operated business that was originally founded in Europe in 1956. Our secret family recipe dates back to that time and there is no finer gelato ice cream available in the United States than what you will experience when you come to The Gelato Cone.

Ice Cream versus Gelato

The words “ice cream” and “gelato” are often used interchangeably.  There are, however, differences between the two!

Gelato is a version of ice cream, coming directly from the Italian word for ice cream, yet it is served at a slightly warmer temperature than traditional American ice cream is. This delivers a taste sensation that is more intense. With the slightly warmer temperature, the gelato is not so ice cold that you get the “brain freeze” which so often accompanies American ice cream!  Gelato is also creamier, silkier, and smoother in texture than is ice cream. It also has less air whipped into it than ice cream, resulting in a denser, more intensely flavorsome treat.

Gelato and ice cream both contain cream, milk and sugar. Ice cream frequently includes egg yolk, while authentic gelato does not.  The ratio of milk to cream in gelato is higher than in ice cream, and gelato also contains less butterfat. This means that gelato is actually better for you and better for your waistline than traditional American ice cream!

The Gelato Cone’s gelato in McKinney is made fresh daily. We pride ourselves on using no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, and we use only the highest quality ingredients. These include whole milk, heavy cream, and fresh local or organic frozen fruits.

If you feel like a treat of ice cream in McKinney, try something different and come check us out at The Gelato Cone. We guarantee you will be delighted!