Best Gelato and Ice Cream in Melissa TX


Ice Cream is a luxury product which people of all ages and cultures enjoy. With the increase in competition and how corporations are now pursuing profits over customer satisfaction, ice creams are no longer what they used to be, a healthy snack that satisfies the child in you. Ice cream manufacturers today use a number of chemicals and compounds to reduce costs and make your ice cream experience as artificial as possible to ramp up their profit margins.

Melissa TX Ice Cream companies are no exception and it is pretty evident how much artificial sweeteners and added fats and preservatives are there in the ice creams today. It thus becomes essential for your as well as your family’s health to be aware about the ice cream you eat.

Choose Natural

When you search for the best ice cream near me, what you are looking for is Gelato. And at The The Gelato Cone, you get the best ice cream in Melissa TX.

Gelato is an all natural ice cream originating from Italy and made with 3.25% of milk and sugar thus has way less fat than any other frozen desserts. The Gelato Cone has been serving authentic gelato and ice cream since 1956 and are proven and respected name in the market.

With 70% less air than traditional ice cream, Gelato has a richer texture, better taste and higher density and richness that makes it much more delicious.

The Gelato Cone

The Gelato Cone is a family owned company that is known for the best ice cream in all of Dallas. Ever since relocating to Dallas in 1956, our family has worked hard and with dedication to create a business model that is centred on customer satisfaction and not driven by profit margins.

All our ice creams are made using the same traditional family recipe without any modern synthetic sweeteners or artificial compounds which ensure that you get the real taste of ice cream and the best value for your money.

We believe in quality ingredients and quality product and thus give you the best Gelato in Melissa TX. It is thus, no surprise that The Gelato Cone is the best Gelato near Melissa TX and one which is the most trusted by the local community and customers alike. The The The Gelato Cone serves the best Gelato in Melissa TX which is made from natural and quality ingredients using the same traditional Italian recipe that has been passed down in the family.

Where to buy Gelato near Melissa TX?

The Gelato Cone is your destination for buying the best Gelato near Melissa TX. From the humble beginnings in Dallas TX, The Gelato Cone has now expanded to neighbouring counties and with the strong community support and love we have received, we have made it our priority to give our best and give back to the local communities. So come down to your local The Gelato Cone store and experience authentic ice cream rich in texture and taste ice cream as it was meant to be, pure and and made from the highest quality ingredients.