Is Gelato your

Favorite Dessert?

Gelato in


Whether you already love gelato or are yet to try it, look no further for your sweet treats than The Gelato Cone – by far the best gelato in Plano, Texas.

The Gelato Cone is a premium gelato parlor that is also a long-standing family-owned and operated company that was founded in Europe in 1956. Since relocating to the greater Dallas area, we have stayed committed to excellence with the best gelato product available.

What is gelato?

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream however authentic gelato like ours is not the same as traditional American ice cream. Gelato is created with a greater proportion of whole milk to heavy cream than ice cream is, so has less fat than ice cream. It is also denser and tastes smoother, silkier, and creamier. Whereas ice cream is served frozen, gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature, so the flavors are more intense.

Gelato is a treat that dates back many thousands of years and has evolved into what we know and enjoy today. From ancient Mesopotamia to Egyptian Pharaohs; from ancient China to Arab traders in the Middle Ages; from the Court of Catherine de Medici to the Modern Day; even the Bible has references to gelato precursors.

Making gelato is an art handed down through Italian generations and our premium gelato has been lovingly created using the same secret family recipe since 1956. Our passion is to create and provide the highest quality gelato, using only the freshest and best ingredients while maintaining our traditions.

Some of the best memories are attached to eating ice cream and gelato – and this is what we deliver to you at The Gelato Cone. So drop by and taste our gelato in Plano – we guarantee you’ll be in Taste Heaven!