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Ice cream is the most liked instant snack all around the world. The awesome mouth chilling flavors make it the most popular food item among people of all ages and regions. Every day millions of people search for the best ice cream shop near me to satisfy their sweet cravings with a cone of delicious cold ice cream.  If you too are looking for the best ice cream in St Paul, TX , then the answer to your search is The Gelato Cone. The Gelato Cone is your go to place for most delicious and best gelato in St Paul, TX. Now you don’t need to wonder where to get gelato near St Paul, just walk into our store and enjoy the richest quality ice cream in all of St Paul, TX. 

The Gelato Cone

Established with an aim of bringing the best gelato ice cream straight to the local people, The Gelato Cone is one among the best ice cream shops in St Paul. Our years of experience in making delicious homemade gelato ice cream, has earned us the reputation of being the best among St Paul’s ice cream companies. The years of dedicated service has helped us climb to the top of the results when you search for the best gelato near me. Come to our store and experience the awesome flavors of your favorite gelato ice cream.

Delicious Mouth Watering Flavors

Having a wide choice of flavors, The Gelato Cone offers every kind of flavor option which may come to your mind when you think of “the best gelato near me”. Made with completely natural ingredients, our gelato ice cream is sure to satisfy your taste buds. We use real fresh fruits for making our ice cream which is loved by children and adults alike. Once you’ve eaten our ice cream, your brain will always remember our name whenever you think about the best ice cream near me.

Highly efficient staff and services

We have the cleanest and most advanced store in all of St Paul TX. All the ice creams are made in a hygienic environment by our highly experienced staff. The friendly and helpful staff at our shop makes sure that you take away a positive and happy experience from every visit. We try to provide utmost customer satisfaction, so that you keep returning to us. Our consistent high quality services have made us the best ice cream company in St Paul, TX.

Your place for hanging out

We believe in family and togetherness. That is why we provide a family friendly environment, where you can enjoy with your family and spend some quality time together. You are also welcome to host your get togethers and celebrate any occasion at our shop. We will be more than happy to host you and give you the delicious, cold gelato treat that you wish for.

At The Gelato Cone, we try our best to give you the experience that you are looking for. The taste and quality of the delicious gelato ice cream available at our shop are unmatched in whole of St Paul, TX. Experience the heavenly taste of original gelato ice cream today only at The Gelato Cone.

For the very best gelato in St Paul TX, come and visit The Gelato Cone – we know you’ll be hooked from the first taste!